Use the Brave Browser to Make Money

The Musically Grown campaign launch offering rewards in cryptocurrency is just a few days away. To prepare now to participate and receive crypto-rewards, from not just this and other campaigns, but also for simply the internet browsing that you do now by downloading and using the Brave browser . Whether you choose Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or whatever browser your system launches by default or choice, it likely doesn’t pay you to use it. The value of our data, our attention, is often taken for granted. Look to a pet, child, loved one, creation of any sort, and we see, that our attention holds value and the crypto-browser Brave acknowledges that through the BAT or Basic Attention Token.

Cryptocurrencies offer the potential of democratizing every industry with blockchain technology. This is a secure protocol that records transactions in a multitude of locations, opposed to just one, vaulted behind layers of approved and verifiable middle-men that take their share. From banks, real estate, commerce, media, the music industry and beyond, every facet of economy stands to be transformed with the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Brave does that with a browser.
Connecting advertisers directly with consumers and consumers directly with their interests, people get paid to see ads and advertisers pay them directly opposed to the advertising agencies and such. Consider that Bitcoin, once valued less than $.01 is worth over $10,000 today, so there is no telling what you earn today may be worth in the future.
You can find a complete information and beginner’s guide here:
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To start, download Brave and set it as your default browser.

You can also earn BAT worth $5 USD for each referral through your own link from each that installs and uses it for 30 days as well.

This site offers a pretty good step-by-step guide to get set up and going once you download.

You can still use Google, or Bing, or whatever search engine you like, but Brave will block all of the tracking, ad pop-ups and use of your data by such parties. Brave recognizes that your data is your property as well as your attention, saving you time by blocking the impediments by third parties to your browsing experience. You can choose to look at ads that Brave offers you and get paid BAT tokens to do so. They offer a counter to track the time you’ve saved by using Brave from third party pushers. You may see after saving 6 minutes from your data being tracked and stored elsewhere, that you’re willing to sit for one or two through a Brave suggestion and earn BAT by doing so.
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Compared to the other browsers, Brave is faster, more efficient, and rewards you for using it! Cryptocurrencies are emerging in the future economy and we each either take part through the value of our own data and attention, or let third-party middle men enjoy those rewards.

Download Brave to be an early adopter and get started in a new economy.

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