I am you are me.

Writing my first blog as Jakova Pen, I feel somewhat free of the restrictions or barriers that age, race, class, nationality, or even fashion style can often carry. The way that I see it; I am you and you are me. We are all one, and so the benefits and burdens we all experience, ripple between us, oscillating in different rhythms and patterns. Music encompasses this as a translation of our energetic movement into sound, offering a ride into the ebb and flow of the Universe. Have you ever felt like singing or humming your way through a day, whether in blues or big band, just made the whole experience more rich and multi-dimensional? Universally, music is a pathway for growth, communication, therapy, suggestion, information, and more; encompassing all cultures of humankind.

It is like a code left by the ancients that is being unraveled over time and is now in our hands to mold and shape into a more meaningful and integral version of how it is expressed and defined than what we’ve been given by previous generations. Perhaps it is this sense of duty for humankind that I believe music has the power to influence in others; to elevate our collective existence in its entirety. After the birth of my daughter, something sparked inside of me; that we had to leave her a better world! For her and all of the children of the Earth, the realities of the threats to the life-sustaining ecosystems they and their children will need, require action NOW!

Original illustration for Nikiti’s Red Spruce Forest in the Musically Grown short story, “A Home in the Forest”.

For my first book, “Musically Grown: Our First Years”, I touch on just a few of the issues facing the health of our planet that we all depend on. Three environmental issues, covering the topics of climate change, deforestation, and declining bee populations, are told through stories that can be enjoyed and understood by children! This is the main focus I would like to expand upon in the next book to follow based on nursery rhymes and folk stories.  I will be on the look-out for new and original stories as well and possibly offering contests for story ideas and illustrations, so keep an eye out or email me directly if you are a creative of this sort; especially any knowledgeable in topics of environmental awareness.

I will also be on the lookout for children singers to feature in the next album, most likely between the ages of 4-8, capable and interested in learning and singing all of the words in some common nursery rhyme songs! Please contact me for more info. if your child loves to sing 😀
To finish up my first blog post, I want to send my deepest thanks to everyone that has helped to offer any, in all of the support I have gotten to this point; by even being among those reading this post now. I am very excited to see where this all will take me and look forward to equally throwing my support behind your endeavors if I can as well.


With my deepest gratitude ~*~
Jakova Pen
A question to the community:
What were some of your favorite nursery rhymes and folk stories?
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2 thoughts on “I am you are me.

  1. The Apache creation story is one of my favorites.
    Check out a Celtic story about a harpist that plays music the animals and Earth loves and so they grant him favors.

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  2. When I was a very young girl one of my favorite stories was The little Red Hen, I was raised in a large family and understood that everyone should contribute to the whole for things to get done, and not to leave all the work to one person…so that story spoke to me….As a young woman I met a woman that read poetry at a coffee shop, and she shared the story Stone Soup with me, which is another story about how everyone contributing helps the entire group, In the Little Red Hen no one helped and the outcome was that they didn’t get any bread, In Stone Soup everyone contributes (although they were tricked into it) everyone gets soup….It’s important in a family, group or society as a whole that everyone does something to contribute, no matter how big or how small that contribution is.

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