Use the Brave Browser to Make Money

The Musically Grown campaign launch offering rewards in cryptocurrency is just a few days away. To prepare now to participate and receive crypto-rewards, from not just this and other campaigns, but also for simply the internet browsing that you do now by downloading and using the Brave browser . Whether you choose Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or whatever browser your system launches by default or choice, it likely doesn’t pay you to use it. The value of our data, our attention, is often taken for granted. Look to a pet, child, loved one, creation of any sort, and we see, that our attention holds value and the crypto-browser Brave acknowledges that through the BAT or Basic Attention Token.

Cryptocurrencies offer the potential of democratizing every industry with blockchain technology. This is a secure protocol that records transactions in a multitude of locations, opposed to just one, vaulted behind layers of approved and verifiable middle-men that take their share. From banks, real estate, commerce, media, the music industry and beyond, every facet of economy stands to be transformed with the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Brave does that with a browser.
Connecting advertisers directly with consumers and consumers directly with their interests, people get paid to see ads and advertisers pay them directly opposed to the advertising agencies and such. Consider that Bitcoin, once valued less than $.01 is worth over $10,000 today, so there is no telling what you earn today may be worth in the future.
You can find a complete information and beginner’s guide here:
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To start, download Brave and set it as your default browser.

You can also earn BAT worth $5 USD for each referral through your own link from each that installs and uses it for 30 days as well.

This site offers a pretty good step-by-step guide to get set up and going once you download.

You can still use Google, or Bing, or whatever search engine you like, but Brave will block all of the tracking, ad pop-ups and use of your data by such parties. Brave recognizes that your data is your property as well as your attention, saving you time by blocking the impediments by third parties to your browsing experience. You can choose to look at ads that Brave offers you and get paid BAT tokens to do so. They offer a counter to track the time you’ve saved by using Brave from third party pushers. You may see after saving 6 minutes from your data being tracked and stored elsewhere, that you’re willing to sit for one or two through a Brave suggestion and earn BAT by doing so.
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Compared to the other browsers, Brave is faster, more efficient, and rewards you for using it! Cryptocurrencies are emerging in the future economy and we each either take part through the value of our own data and attention, or let third-party middle men enjoy those rewards.

Download Brave to be an early adopter and get started in a new economy.

A New Beginning

I’ve been working as steadily as I can with a house full of kids for the Summer and ready to move forward from a time of disorder into one balanced on the other end of that spectrum as well. Fitting in time for my Ph.D. work and building upon Musically Grown LLC. has gotten me to question, how, in the fast-pace of daily living, are we to find the time to focus conscious energy towards our own ambitions? I am coming to personally find that it is in serving the needs of others just as we do ourselves, that we enable ourselves through each part of anything that we are interacting with. I think a key to that balance is realizing that just as every individual, every object for that matter, IS the Universal All, in whole encompassing form; good, bad, right, wrong, beautiful, ugly.
If it is in our capacity to love and accept and serve All as an extension of the Universe, we must also remember that we ourselves are also the Universe incarnate, and should treat ourselves with the same Godly respect and reverence. Just as we do not hinder the will of another, we do not let others hinder our will. Egos and identities may want various things from us, but does it serve the All? Do what we ourselves serve the All? In our own individualities and differences in experience, what is our unique contribution? I believe that is the first variable of the magic formula that sets into motion divine laws.

In my own new beginning, I am aligning more with order and focused on bringing form to both Musically Grown and my new book Manifest M^5. The official launch date is nearing as I am working on more Musically Grown videos, songs, art, and more in the upcoming production and beyond.
I’m really excited to have the full campaign launch coincide it may seem, with that of a crypto based platform for sharing VibraVid. Built on the TRON blockchain, this multimedia eco-system of reward sharing between content creators and consumers on a cryptocurrency platform is fueled by the Beatzcoin token. If you really want to know more about the blockchain technology and security protocols behind it, I found this to be a really good article,“Getting Back the Digital Rights for the Creative Souls”

My bet is on this forerunner of bringing content sharing to the people where along the various flows of revenue from content to consumer, Beatzcoin can be exchanged for listening, viewing, clicking, along with producers being rewarded by content according to its demand. For artists, musicians, creators of experience transferred through an online community and spilling over into the physical world, the concept of a community more independent and decentralized so to speak, seems to obviously be a clear path to taking over the likes of YouTube, already in the pockets of corporate giants and chasing away the authentic creators.


So artists, producers, content creators alike, they may still have openings in their Artist Accelerator program. I’m personally excited to be an early adopter and see it as an investment, just as with other crypto alt-coins, may have a big pay day down the road. I am personally invested in a little bitcoin and other alt-coins, but with Vibravid, you can invest with your creations and share your expressions and experiences of All.

Apply here to see. 
VibraVid Artist Accelerator

I was the latest in their podcast series for Musically Grown with Alex Guerra.
You can hear our conversation here!
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I’m planning more videos to complete the Musically Grown album on my YouTube channel with “Different but the Same” on deck to hopefully have complete by next week. Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel (as Vibravid develops ;)) and to subscribe here as well if you haven’t already.
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Simply, Authentic Content.

I consider this life of mine as a science experiment and hope that you will interact with me to share commonalities or oppositions that might lead to greater insights to propel both your path and mine towards a frequency of the highest possibility.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton
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It helps to have a one stop source of organized content accessible in your favorite outlets. Whether that’s blogs, news, articles, entertainment, music, videos, and so on. It’s typically easy to set your favorite categories, themes, genres, channels, etc. in your various apps, services, media outlets and so on to automatically stream to yourself the most fresh releases of your favorite and trusted authors. The same can also typically be done to filter out recommendations perhaps that might have violence, fighting, or any type of graphic lewdity that may not be appropriate for children, for example. I hope you’ll add my channel to your YouTube subscriptions to see all the upcoming videos I’ll be releasing very soon.

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 Up on deck for my next post, will be featuring a podcast interview for the VibraVid platform using blockchain technology to empower creators and consumers with the Beatzcoin cryptocurrency. Stay tuned to hear all about it!

I am you are me.

Writing my first blog as Jakova Pen, I feel somewhat free of the restrictions or barriers that age, race, class, nationality, or even fashion style can often carry. The way that I see it; I am you and you are me. We are all one, and so the benefits and burdens we all experience, ripple between us, oscillating in different rhythms and patterns. Music encompasses this as a translation of our energetic movement into sound, offering a ride into the ebb and flow of the Universe. Have you ever felt like singing or humming your way through a day, whether in blues or big band, just made the whole experience more rich and multi-dimensional? Universally, music is a pathway for growth, communication, therapy, suggestion, information, and more; encompassing all cultures of humankind.

It is like a code left by the ancients that is being unraveled over time and is now in our hands to mold and shape into a more meaningful and integral version of how it is expressed and defined than what we’ve been given by previous generations. Perhaps it is this sense of duty for humankind that I believe music has the power to influence in others; to elevate our collective existence in its entirety. After the birth of my daughter, something sparked inside of me; that we had to leave her a better world! For her and all of the children of the Earth, the realities of the threats to the life-sustaining ecosystems they and their children will need, require action NOW!

Original illustration for Nikiti’s Red Spruce Forest in the Musically Grown short story, “A Home in the Forest”.

For my first book, “Musically Grown: Our First Years”, I touch on just a few of the issues facing the health of our planet that we all depend on. Three environmental issues, covering the topics of climate change, deforestation, and declining bee populations, are told through stories that can be enjoyed and understood by children! This is the main focus I would like to expand upon in the next book to follow based on nursery rhymes and folk stories.  I will be on the look-out for new and original stories as well and possibly offering contests for story ideas and illustrations, so keep an eye out or email me directly if you are a creative of this sort; especially any knowledgeable in topics of environmental awareness.

I will also be on the lookout for children singers to feature in the next album, most likely between the ages of 4-8, capable and interested in learning and singing all of the words in some common nursery rhyme songs! Please contact me for more info. if your child loves to sing 😀
To finish up my first blog post, I want to send my deepest thanks to everyone that has helped to offer any, in all of the support I have gotten to this point; by even being among those reading this post now. I am very excited to see where this all will take me and look forward to equally throwing my support behind your endeavors if I can as well.


With my deepest gratitude ~*~
Jakova Pen
A question to the community:
What were some of your favorite nursery rhymes and folk stories?
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